Muslim cruise trips setting cruise towards a $1.6 bln internet home business

BY Haroon Latif, Movie Director of Ideal Information, DinarStandard

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22 million people used approximately $37 billion on vacation cruises throughout the world in 2014. With Muslims shelling out around $1.6 billion in this total, exactly what opportunity are there for providers to improve cruises focusing on Muslim travelers?

You’re a sail manager wanting to create a Muslim-dedicated luxury cruise visit. Exactly how attractive is the opportunities?

Just how attractive would be the market for Muslim-dedicated trips?

How appealing is the international vacation cruise industry?

Exactly how attractive would be the Muslim traveler market for holiday cruises and that’s already addressing this opportunity?

How to find some big issues to consider for providers aiming to handle the Muslim markets?

There are 22 million sail individuals in 2014, 3.4 percentage more than the prior year, determined cruiselines Overseas Association (CLIA). The estimated worth of this global tour markets would be $37 billion in 2014, as stated by a research by market research fast Mintel. This signifies just below 10 percent of this total international outgoing invest in tourist, which had been projected at $1.3 trillion in 2014, according to industry lender info.

A CLIA learn learned that vacation cruises has mainly been recently an US trend, with 11.2 million individuals, or 51 % of full worldwide guests, coming from the U.S.

Ten nations taken into account 88 % of overall international sail guests, with Germany plus the UK creating 15 %, and Queensland, Italy and Ontario in combination including to 12 per cent.

Although the sector outside united states and Europe hosts around 85 % regarding the worlda€™s population, it merely presents 16 percent of most luxury cruise passengers, said the CLIA. Discover for this reason significant gains opportunity for cruise trips, specifically from Emerging economic climates.

Caribbean: accounting for 37 % of ship deployments

The Mediterranean: 19 % of deployments

With the rest of European countries, leaving out the Mediterranean: 11 percent of deployments

The market is really intense with festival the evident markets frontrunner, surpassing the merged gross of their two nearby competitiveness, Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian luxury cruise Line.

Provider: Florida-Caribbean Trade Association

Source: Idea Statistics, 2015


Cruise trips tends to be more and more providing to particular religions, with devoted vacations for Christian and Jewish forums. Prime Christian Cruises and Inspiration holiday cruises are greatest faith-based workers, as indicated by research from Religious Planning journey Tips Guide in 2015, and generally provide the needs of tourist through arranging religious presenters and supplying vacations of religious sites.

For any Muslim market place, travel and tourism enterprises tend to be all over the world interested in deal with exclusive traditions specifications of Muslims, that invested around $142 billion on outbound travel in 2014. This is the reason 11 percent of total outbound travel spend, in line with the condition regarding the international Islamic economic climate state 2015/16.

Muslim invest in cruise trips in 2014 is definitely determined by DinarStandard at $1.6 billion. This infers the top 10 resource market segments outlined from CLIA study makes up about 88 per cent of earnings not to mention passenger volume.

The Muslim show of total outbound travel spend for the ultimate nations showcased in the CLIA research averaged 2 per cent in 2014, while Muslims taken into account 20% of dedicate to average from inside the left places, reported by DinarStandard research and quotes.


To allow for the high-potential and financially rewarding Muslim visitor segment, Muslim-focused vacation cruise enterprises have begun to appear.

U.S.-based Salaam luxury cruise introduced this year and claims to be the a€?first actually ever Muslim cruisea€?. They involved they leasing a ship from a cruise operator.

1st tour poised voyage in 2012 with 150 friends, signed up with by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, dean of scholastic affair in the U.S.-based Al-Maghreb Institute an ensuing travel followed in 2013, in accordance with the Islamic information internet site MuslimMatters.

The cruises concerned a three-day lengthy day at the Bahamas and highlighted a Muslim-friendly landscape, without any alcohol or gaming, and supported best halal meal.

Fusion Tours simply launched Turkeya€™s first of all halal vacation cruise, which can be with disembark from american Izmir state on Sep 27, 2016.

The journey offers to deal with the whole setting of Muslim needs, such as halal as well as properties clear of alcoholic drinks and pork, different prayer rooms, and single-sex salon amenities and Turkish bathrooms.

The vacation will concentrate on the Ottoman traditions in the region. Gokmen Aydinalp, synthesis Toura€™s plan administrator, showed which desire for the tour ended up being large despite merely lately becoming established since there is a big need for the style, he told Turkish ideas internet site Andalou organization this past year.


Numerous mainstream vacation cruise providers have wanted to accommodate Muslim desires.

Disney, one of many crucial players inside the global vacation cruise industry, which created more or less $1 billion in earnings in 2014 based on analysts shows, accommodates halal food impacted by improve detect.

The star Libra privilege vessel started promoting halal dishes to address need from Malaysian Muslims in 2013. It refurbished one among the eateries to meet the halal needs from Malaysiaa€™s Department of Islamic improvement (JAKIM), and set about providing a variety of halal delicacies selection.

Cynthia Lee, Deputy director of Star Cruise marketing section, revealed your company was actually enthusiastic to get Muslim vacation goers from Malaysia, with intends to furthermore draw in Muslims off their places, specifically from the Middle Eastern Countries, she explained Aquila Fashion in interviews in 2013.


While Muslim-focused cruise trips just might be attractive, there certainly is limited facts to date associated with viability of cruises paying attention entirely on Muslims, with setting to accommodate non-Muslims.

Cruise trips include big fixed fees senior match and financing opportunities, and want assuring big occupancy, or highest devote per passenger to be financially rewarding.

In a study of Carnivala€™s income in 2014, undertaken by industry philosopher and while using servicea€™s yearly financial success, the company manufactured 7 percent in web profits; 24 percentage of profits were resulting from on board devote, with casino and alcohol income the aspect. Precisely what this means that is the fact washing away liquor and gambling income could jeopardize profits.

The productivity of Muslim-friendly condos and hotels must always big level been already confirmed, aided by the noteworthy success of critical users, such as Shaza accommodation, that had been capable to captivate expense to invest in expansion. The capability of Muslim-friendly cruise trips for making earnings is usually as but unproven.

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