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You’re most likely to work ideal Muslimah with a pristine premises, a flourishing job, a well-fed hubby, and completely well-behaved young children.

Then… you’re ready to had gotten the opinions. The oh-so-many viewpoints.

Breastfeeding? “your son’s therefore thin, he’s demonstrably depriving. You Really Need To bottle-feed your.”

Bottle-feeding? “That’s bad! Your girl comes with the directly to breast dairy!”

Be home more mommy? “So sluggish! What Now ? throughout the day?”

Doing work mommy? “How greedy! Abandoning your child the passion for funds…”

For those who limit your attention this industry plus the individuals they, it is simple feel you just can’t win.

But if you focus your brain regarding the one Who matters, you’ll see you’ve previously acquired: because motherhood is, ongoing, work of activity – and Allah (swt) continues pleasing a person for this because the night you have got expecting a baby.

The condition of moms in Islam is actually magnificent, and another of the most extremely widely known theories certainly is the indisputable fact that “Paradise dwell beneath legs of the woman.”

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